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Holistic Treatments
As we all know we are living in a time where going back to basics might be the only option available.  We are aware of what is healthy after years of abuse and utilization of unhealthy foods, products and lifestyles.  With that on our consciences came the search for what is needed to not only be successful, but to also maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

The Holistic Treatments at Janete’s Hair Studio were developed in Brazil to help those with the following ailments below:  
    • Oily scalp
    • Hair loss
    • Fungus
    • Itchy scalp
    • Flaky scalp
    • Excessive sebum of the scalp
    • Scalp odor
    • Hydration
    • Allergies
    • And many others
Janete’s dedication led her to finding and using the healing power of herbs. We are the only salon in NYC, and the surrounding area, which carry these formulas. Clients specifically suffering from hair loss used the Holistic Treatment during the year of 2014. Of the seventy clients who participated in our experiment, 90% were successful. Please call for a consultation with Janete to discuss your options and eligibility.