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Janete's Biography

If you were to ask Janete what first inspired her to do hair, she would tell you it was art; the art of living, the art of shaping a sense of belonging, the art of capturing the essence that exists in each of us, and depicting it through hair.

As an introspective young woman, the subject of existence always tapped her conscience. “If I make someone feel confident, that is a good day,” she says. However, before she followed in her mother’s footsteps and began styling hair, she went on a soul-searching journey of education and self-discovery.

Born in Brazil, she was raised in what she described as a “vivid, beautiful, yet humble place.” She received her education in Brazil. Janete worked at a Brazilian television station as a journalist, before making the decision to immigrate to New York City to pursue acting. Despite her love of performance, she found herself drawn to the beauty industry. It wasn’t long after discovering the company Wella that she fell in love with color again, just like she had as a child in Brazil admiring her mother’s work. 

In the 1980’s there was a boom in the beauty industry. New York City exploded with individuality during the punk-look revolution, making it the perfect time for Janete to explore the revolutionary company, Sebastian. Absorbing every drop of knowledge they had to offer, Janete reached new heights as an artist at Sebastian. She still raves about the dazzling tone of 1980’s New York, and the revolution of hair expression that existed at this time: “Everyone had their own sense of identity in the industry,” she explained. “The spikes, the punk, it depicted the time we were living in, these looks were put behind guitars on stage by us. That was the 80’s, the trendsetters, they were the best.”

Wanting to explore as many companies as possible in the world of color, she eventually went on to study the formulas of companies such as: Matrix, Goldwell, Clariol, Paul Mitchell, Evolution of the Color, and Majirel.  Gaining knowledge from each company, Janete longed to be an expert in color.  She wanted to specialize in color pigments, and the fascinating technology that allows one to create customized colors for each client.

“Working with so many different companies helped me to create my own identity as a colorist, as well as appreciate each unique company and their chemists behind the formulas.”
Eventually Janete worked as an educator in the industry; collecting protégé’s through the years. The joy of teaching is an honor she feels passing on her knowledge and expertise, while making a difference in the lives of up-and-coming stylists and colorists. This passion for educating led her in a different direction in 1998, when she felt compelled to explore another avenue of human expression and enrolled in Queens College for Speech Therapy. She had already been volunteering for 3 ½ years at Astoria Hospital (present day Mount Sinai) where she guided struggling patients toward a place of success through physical therapy. “It’s important to learn compassion, understanding and tolerance, and why we do what we do as people,” she says. Using her experience through higher education and volunteering, she decided to apply this knowledge to the health and beauty industry.  She added a scientific approach to her own business.

In 2003 Janete’s Hair Studio opened in Astoria.  Shortly after the opening, Janete challenged herself in a new way, expressing her respect for fashion, hair and human existence in a one-night-only show she created called “The History of Hair throughout the Times.” The show consisted of twenty-one models demonstrating the hair and fashion trends for each decade. The models demonstrated the early 1940’s with Coco Chanel, progressed to the Elvis Presley rock and roll craze, and eventually showcased the early 2000’s commenting on everything from clothes and hair, to globalization, computers, and politics.

Recently, Janete has explored new ways to contribute to her community by creating a line of costume-made medical wigs for women. The wigs are designed for women with severe hair loss. Each wig is 100% human hair, comfortable, hypoallergenic and made to be worn all day.
As you get to know Janete as a stylist and friend, she may disclose to you another more private procedure she has come to perform over the years: the sensitive service of reconstructing a woman’s areola. Upon referral and at no cost, once-a-week Janete donates her time and skills, re-pigmenting and reconstructing the areola of a woman who has undergone breast reconstruction “The more people that know this is an option, the better chance they have of feeling like themselves, complete.” She explained about the- until recently- private procedure. All she asks of her clients is a donation to the hospital for her services. The patient chosen is picked at random in a weekly raffle.

Today, in the true style of its owner, Janete’s Hair Studio has reinvented itself into Janete’s Hair Studio- The Spa and Posh Boutique. What does she want after all her learning and success? She wants to “continue educating emerging stylists, to continue bringing a level of customer service that reconstructs, revives, and revamps the client, while keeping them exactly who they are…I work to make people feel special.”  

“Beauty lies in the hands of those who work with love.” – Janete Chris